by Crying Vessel

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I feel these stars, Looking at me, As if they lost their way. I cant help But keep to my word ...And thats what you will hear me say. I dont know why you'd come here for me am I the chosen one? All that I see is blasphemy ....Brings me above the sun. Tell me... am I the only one? Who doesnt understand... The downfall of man... of man... of man.... ...Brings me above the sun.
Nose Dive 03:54
Tell Me... Am I the Only One? Who doesnt understand The downfall of man... Lovers, are twiddling to none Counting has begun... Talk to me.... Talk to me. Talk to me. Talk to me.
Selfless 04:14
When the skies, were opened up.. Your mouth had said enough... And the silence became something from a fairytale When the lies, were building up... Your kiss was just enough... And the violence came to us in great detail It came for me, In misery, Now I am face down, Staring at the ground. Our emotions, from above became heavy love giving us these words of satisfaction And these actions, push and shove, In these euphoric hand cuffs Bringing forth a life, with retribution It came for me, In misery, Now I am face down, Staring at the ground.
Zephyr 04:15
Its gotta be something new its gotta be something that you do... cuz you got me on the look out Im not just some man from your past we just gotta make that red spark last... you got me on the hold-down, baby
Jovian 05:57
Do you see this ? visions from a man inside me... Do you need this ? just keeping your heart from the feeding... Should you read this... then delusional lust brings in another day... If you could see this, son... those beautiful eyes would bleed the color grey... I can feel, the atmosphere, pulling down on me.
Crash 03:18
Spiderweb 03:11
Spiderweb above my bed, How long have I been sleeping? Seems like many years ago, was the last time my heart was beating. Falling in, falling in, falling in... Spiderweb inside my head Why wake me from my Dreaming? Centuries my heart lay still Now suddenly Im leaving Falling in, Falling in, falling in, falling in, falling in....
Come/Dont tell me.
Back in Time 04:56
My Break, Nowhere to go... To the abyss and the great below... Your touch is felt and your voices word... This delirium is finally heard.
Ancient Moon 05:22
I can feel something, pulling on me, from another world. I can feel something, holding to me, from this universe. Its heavy…… its lovely….. its something…. you cant touch. Its bleeding…. inside me…. its falling… in love. I can see someone, calling for me, from the other room. If I could be someone, beyond this sea, under the ancient moon. Its heavy…… its lovely….. its something you cant touch. Its bleeding…. inside me…. its falling in love.
Brought to my knees to pick me up to Bring me back You're my light in the day Its getting hard to think too far Laying in my bed You're healing you're feeling me you're seeing all that I see you're life in poetry Youre far too gone For far too long There is no going back.. We just thought you'd catch on You're in too deep Searching for that sleep Its like a heart attack…. Its like that prayer that you hang on


"Selfless" is the sophomore album of elecronic/darkwave producer Crying Vessel. "Selfless" is a very personal album to CV ring-leader, Slade Templeton. This album was written after a near death experience on April 8th 2013. After a month long hospitalization, he started work on "Selfess" the day he returned to the studio, with an entire new outlook on life and a feeling he could project that through the music.

"Selfless" features Crying Vessel's vocalist Sara Laske, and studio drummer Ian Ballard, along with a track done with Dean Garcia of SPC ECO and vocalist Ani Stazzi.

ARTWORK by Wyatt Parkins (Saint Marie Records) -


released August 12, 2013

Written and Produced by Slade Templeton (as Crying Vessel)
Additional Vocals by Sara Laske
Additional Drums by Ian Ballard
Featured production and writing by Dean Garcia
Featured vocalist Ani Stazzi (Back In Time)


all rights reserved



Crying Vessel

Crying Vessel started out as a solo project from Slade Templeton in 2010 and since has become a band with drummer Basil Oberli. Crying Vessel is widely celebrated in the Post Punk, Gothic and Wave music crowds as a leading act with the scenes revival.

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